Amarillo Dusk

Amarillo Dusk plays and produce handmade country music without sticking to cliches. They represent a modern conception of a genre that thrives on telling true stories from life. Handmade music, honest and authentic.


"New Light" - Winner Song German Rock und Pop Award

Single released Dec 31st 2021

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Thanks to everybody who voted for our song "New Light" at the WDR2 POP! radio band contest! We are the winner!


Three awards at the
German Rock und Pop Award!


Tree Awards for Amarillo Dusk at the German Rock and Pop Award (Deutscher Rock und Pop Preis) 2021: 1st place best country album 2021, 1st place best country song 2021. In addition, second place was achieved in the main country category!


Debut Album -
Take back the Reins

Available on spotify, amazon, iTunes and many more

"Take Back The Reins is definitely country music with pop elements, but always refers to its roots in the traditional American country music."

>>, 2019 <<

Picture credit: Patrick Engel